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June 27, 2018

 Breast Massage 

Detoxify toxins and excess estrogen


If you’re struggling with breast tenderness, soreness, swelling, cysts, and fibroadenomas,  breast massage is a great tool to incorporate into your self care routine. Most of us have complained to our doctors at some point about of our pms symptoms only to be prescribed the pill. This will not only make things worse in the long run but fails to look at the root of the symptom. From an eastern perspective, breast tenderness is indicative of a hormone imbalance and liver congestion. This can be easily corrected instead of being masked with a pill.  Breast massage is free and can be done on a daily basis with the addition of some healing balms and oils.

Breasts contain very little muscle tissue, which restricts the flow of lymph. When lymph becomes stagnant, toxins are retained and proper nutrition of the breasts is inhibited. Our breasts contain an abundance of lymph vessels, which are responsible for draining toxins from the breast tissue. Important lymph nodes reside under the armpits and upper chest area and are responsible for filtering harmful substances and contain important immune cells which fight off the bad guys.

As Nadine Artemis says “ The health of our lymphatic system is intimately connected to our breast health”.


Breast Massage Benefits

  • Supports healthy lymph flow
  • Increase breast tissue nutrition and oxygenation
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Detoxifies toxins and excess estrogen
  • Enhance elasticity of the ligaments
  • Increase breast milk production
  • Unblock plugged milk glands
  • Releases stagnant energy like stress, hurt, sorrow, unlovability, unworthiness
  • Reduces breast tenderness
  • Allows you to develop a relationship with your breasts and body
  • Helps you get comfortable and confident with the idea and practice of a breast exam


– The natural rebounding method of the breast is the main method of drainage.

– Restrictive clothing, poor posture, tight neck, shoulder and back muscles can also reduce lymphatic flow and drainage.

– About 75% of the lymph in breast tissue drains to the axilliary or underarm lymph nodes. Another reason to be mindful of the deodorants we use.


Any time I experience any  breast tenderness, I know my hormones are out of balance and my liver is congested, the two go hand in hand.  While I do my best to correct this imbalance with diet and exercise, for more immediate relief I use the massage technique outlined in the video below.

Learn how to drain the upper quadrant your breast and the back of your breast. Yes, different parts of your breast drain differently.  Struggling with breast tenderness every month? This technique will help get your lymph moving and reduce the soreness and will teach you to massage in a way that mimics lymph flow.  


Lymphatic Breast Massage 

Learn how to give yourself a breast lymphatic massage in under 5 min.



“Over time, massaging the breasts may enhance the elasticity of the ligaments in the chest, providing improved breast support.” Renegade Beauty




Breast Balms + Oils















  1. Guru Jagat and Shiva Rose talk about Kundalini beauty secrets and how to give your  breasts a boost(13:55)
  2. Learn about your breasts anatomy and the importance of a lymphatic massage. (2:25) Very informative.







Breast Massage

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