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February 11, 2018

The Importance Of A Healthy Lymphatic System For Breast Health



Have you ever wondered what that clear fluid is that comes out of a cut? That’s your lymph! It’s also one of the main components of our immune system and an extension of our circulatory system.

The lymphatic system is comprised of the thymus, spleen, tonsils and lymph nodes and fluid called lymph. It not only removes waste but also carries oxygen and nutrients to the whole body. Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like our circulatory system (heart = pump), it relies on muscle contractions to keep it moving which is why staying active is so important.

Most of our lymphatic vessels run just below the skin’s surface, which is how dry brushing can positively impact our lymph flow. The same muscles that make our hairs stand up when we’re cold are stimulated by the brush bristles and strokes and contract to help the lymph flow.


Drinking lots of water is incredibly important for the lymphatic system. It keeps the lymph flowing smoothly and keeps it hydrated. Leafy greens, berries, beets, adaptogens, ginger, turmeric and flaxseeds are also incredibly supportive.  Sorry, donuts didn’t make the cut. (I took it hard too.) *Read Article 5  for more info

Many herbs help support and cleanse the lymphatic system: astragalus, cleavers, chickweed, dandelion, burdock and manjistha just to name a few. Since the liver produces most of the lymph it’s also important not to neglect its health. Eating the foods mentioned earlier will also help support your liver.


On a psycho spiritual point, our immune system, which is connected to our lymphatic system, responds to our thoughts and emotions, whether positive or negative. Anger, hate, bitterness or resentment all tend to weaken the immune and lymphatic system. It’s incredibly important to look after our spiritual and emotional health as it greatly impacts our physical body.



Our breasts contain an abundance of lymph vessels, which are responsible for draining toxins from the breast tissue. Important lymph nodes reside under the armpits and upper chest area and are responsible for filtering harmful substances and contain important immune cells which fight off the bad guys. Tight clothing, like underwire bras, prevent lymphatic drainage from the breasts which over time can lead to an accumulation of toxins. Red marks after removing the bras will tell you if you if it’s too tight. Not only can tight bras restrict the flow of lymph, but so can lack of exercise, poor posture, tight shoulder, chest and neck muscles. As Nadine Artemis says “ The health of our lymphatic system is intimately connected to our breast health”. Breasts contain very little muscle tissue, which restricts the flow of lymph. When lymph becomes stagnant, toxins are retained and proper nutrition of the breasts is inhibited.

In Ayurveda, many of the PMS symptoms women experience such as breast pain and tenderness are associated with a congested lymphatic system. So ditch those bras as often as you can. I get it. Your favorite bras have under wires, your work attire needs it or you simply need and enjoy the support. There’s no need to throw them all in the bond fire tonight, simply wear them less often or find ones that don’t leave red marks. Your breasts will thank you!

*Don’t miss the videos below. So much great information! I watch them regularly. 


  • Get moving
  • Ditch that bra when possible
  • Eat more greens and reds
  • Drink more water
  • Start a dry brushing routine
  • Support your lymph with herbs
  • Give yourself a breast lymphatic massage (Watch video #3)
  • Someone should create a lymph supporting donut.










Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis  Learn some great tips on how to boost lymphatic health. The holy grail for women’s health and natural beauty.



  1. Discover 10 holistic treatments for your lymph over at The Chalkboard Mag.
  2. Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. John Douillard, teaches us about the best Ayurvedic herbs to cleanse the lymphatic system.
  3. Dr. Douillard helps us understand the miracle of the lymph.
  4. Banyan Botanicals help us understand how our lymph gets congested.
  5. Discover what foods support your lymphatic system over at Sunwarrior.
  6. Dive in deep with Dr. Axe and learn how to protect your lymphatic system.



All are a MUST watch!

  1. Guru Jagat and Shiva Rose talk about Kundalini beauty secrets and how to give your breasts a boost(13:55) Love this.
  2. Learn how to give yourself a breast lymphatic massage in under 5 min. (5:31) This is great!
  3. Learn about your breasts anatomy and the importance of a lymphatic massage.  (2:25) Very informative.
  4. Learn how to dry brush with Nadine Artemis. (2:36)



  1. Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science : #13 Lymph – The Ancient Key To Longevity

 Learn all about the lymphatic system from the ayurvedic point of view. Very interesting.




  1. Astragalus scrubs the lymph. Love this product.
  2. Been using this on my naturopath’s advice for the past 3 years
  3. Manjistha. Another great ayurvedic herb! Have used this several times.
  4. Ayurvedic Lymph Cleanse On the bucket list.
  5. Cleavers  Provides so many wonderful benefits.
  6. Burdock Use this regularly in my infusions.
  7. Chickweed Currently on rotation.




  1. Rebounder A workout I actually look forward to.
  2. No need to spend a fortune on dry brushes.
  3. Kick your dry brushing game into high gear by adding Living Libations’ Nerve Tonic  to your brush.
  4. The jade or crystal roller helps boost your facial lymphatic flow and makes your evening routine a little more fun.



  1. Infrared Sauna
  2. Hot/Cold showers
  3. Massage
  4. Dry brushing
  5. Abyanga




The Importance Of A Healthy Lymphatic System For Breast Health

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