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February 19, 2018

 Your Deodorant Is Cause For Concern



Many of you have probably heard that the toxic chemicals found in our deodorants and antiperspirants are now being directly linked to cancerous breast tissue. 99% of breast cancer tissue has been shown to have parabens in it.  In Dr. Gregor’s video below, he explains how most breast cancers, up to 50%, now occur in the upper outer corner of the breast. The area closest to the armpit region and where most of the breast tissue is located. I’ll give you a second here to mourn your deodorant: stick, spray or roll-on,  unless you’re already on the ball and you’ve gone natural and chemical free.

Unfortunately, most drugstore deodorants and antiperspirants contain numerous chemicals like parabens, petrolatum, talc and aluminium.  Aluminium is known to mimic estrogen and is used in antiperspirants to block the pores and prevent sweating. These chemicals accumulate in lymph nodes, glands and create a breeding ground for disease and hormonal imbalances. 

The skin in very thin in the armpit region and anything that is put onto the skin in absorbed. Our armpits have their own microbial environment, which contain large amounts of beneficial bacteria that support our immune system and chemicals disrupt this natural intelligence.

If we’re using these toxic deodorants and antiperspirants on a daily basis, you can imagine the accumulation over the years.

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us and the odor of our sweat can be an indicator of our internal health. The more toxins we have the more odorous the sweat can become.  Poor hydration, liver congestion, poor toxin elimination and hormone imbalances can also cause an odor increase. So when things get smelly, listen up.

When shopping for deodorants or antiperspirants don’t rely too much on the labels. Natural doesn’t mean much anymore and the term usually isn’t regulated. It’s important to read the ingredients (as with anything we’re consuming) and see what’s actually in it. You’d be surprised how much crap is added to “Natural” products.

Essential oils help to harmonize our microbial environments and are one the easiest ways to reduce odor. This is pretty much all I use now. A drop of either tea tree or lavender oil under the arms and you’re good to go. Some essential oils need a carrier oil (coconut and sesame oil are some examples) before they can be added to the skin otherwise you risk irritation.  If essential oils aren’t your jam (give it time, they will be), there are some great and truly natural products out there.  

So make the switch. Your breasts will thank you!


Armpit Detox Mask

Wait, is there such a thing? Oh yes there is.

Bentonite clay mask under the armpits is a great way to help detoxify and remineralize the area. You might be surprised how little odor you emit afterwards.

  • Bentonite Clay – 1-1 ½ tsp
  • Filtered water –  1-1 ½ tsp
  • Lavender essential oil – a drop or two

You want a paste-like texture.

Mix, apply, leave on for 20 min or until it dries and rinse!

I like to add a soothing oil like coconut or sesame to the area afterwards as bentonite clay can be quite drying with its strong absorption properties.

Tip: Best to do before taking a shower. You can also do these clay masks anywhere on your body. I’ve been enjoying doing my hands and feet lately.


  • Ditch your drugstore deodorant. Now!



  • Antiperspirants might actually make you stink. They can increase the type of bacteria that causes odor. The more you use it, the more you need it. Oh the irony.
    *Video below.



One of the ways I decide if a product is right for me is by determining whether or not I would put that product’s ingredients in my mouth.  When you ingest something it gets filtered by the liver however, when you apply anything onto your skin, it doesn’t have the benefits of being filtered by the liver and those chemicals gets absorbed straight into your bloodstream and accumulate in your tissues. 






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Don’t skip over this.

Dr. Gregor sheds some light on the the link between shaving before applying deodorant and the increase in aluminium absorption. (8:12)



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Your Deodorant Is Cause For Concern

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