Individual Consultations



Discover an individualized approach to heal your breast and general imbalances and create divine health. 

After many years of exploring the realm of holistic breast health and learning how to heal myself of several breast imbalances (12 fibroadenomas and one tumor), I’ve discovered many priceless tools and information that I would like to make available to every woman.

I believe our biggest asset in healing is knowledge and harnessing our inner guidance. Understanding how our mind, body and spirit is connected and what our bodies biologically and individually need to sustain balance.

During this quest I also wish I had someone to connect with who had gone through a similar experience.  Someone who I could ask questions, could guide me and suggest alternative approaches such as functional medicine, holistic nutrition, herbalism and many others things.

Finding support within our own family and community isn’t always apparent. It often comes with opinions and judgment which can make the journey that much more difficult. Healing ourselves can be quite a lonely and daunting venture and finding support can be incredibly empowering and healing.

This session will allow a more personal and individualized approach, within a safe space to fully express our worries, concerns, frustrations and any questions you might have.

Sessions are available to all women struggling with any kind of issue as it’s all connected.


1-1 Sessions

1 Hour Session – $195

2 Hour Session – $325

Follow-Up – $110


Your session will include:

  • Herbal and nutritional protocol to heal imbalance and create health.
  • Supplement recommendations.
  • Discovering the energetic message behind breast imbalances (how you nurture yourself, the importance of saying no, creating boundaries, etc.)
  • Physiological recommendations (breast massage, supporting the lymphatic system, etc.)
  • Tapping into your intuitive guidance

I look forward to supporting you in your journey.


Email with any questions.



Prevention Consultations

45 min – $165

This is for women who are interested in prevention and want to set themselves up for long term health. Perhaps there’s a history of breast cancer or other breast imbalances in your family and you’d like to empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to avoid a similar fate and experience health. You might not be currently dealing with any issues but are interested in implementing rituals and preventative care measures to reduce any chances of ‘dis-ease’.


Your session will include:

  • Preventative herbal and nutritional protocols
  • Preventative daily, monthly and yearly rituals and practices
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Energetics of breast health and imbalances
  • Physiological recommendations


July and August sessions will receive a complimentary BREASTMASK. Shipping not included.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey.


  3 & 6 month Packages


This is for women who are looking for more in depth guidance and support in their healing journeys and are serious about taking their health to the next level. If you’re ready for big improvements, are truly committed to growth and want to see results, let’s connect. 

We will get you on a clear path to achieve your goals. 


  • 3 hours of support each month
    • 2 calls per month
    • Email support on weekdays
  • A nutrition, supplement and herbal protocol
  • Holding the intention and vision of your healing
  • Practitioner recommendations (doctors, herbalists, etc.) should the need arise.
  • So much more that will be tailored to your personal goals and needs.
  • Access to Nurture, the 16 module online course

All sessions are remote and will take place on Skype or Zoom. 

  • 3 months: $2500
  • 6 months: $4950

Payment plans available.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey.


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