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February 16, 2018

Vitamin D3 And The Importance Of Optimal Levels For Women 




Vitamin D is both a vitamin and hormone. Our body’s ability to produce the sunshine vitamin comes from the sunlight’s action on the skin. Vitamin D3 is better metabolized by the body than D2 which is less biologically active. Because it’s a fat soluble vitamin, it should be taken with some healthy fats like avocados, coconut, olive oil or nuts to help increase absorption.



Vitamin D is incredibly important for breast, bone and eye health. It also relaxes the nerves, prevents tooth decay and gum problems, boosts immune function, lowers insulin levels, repairs organs, supports a healthy digestion, regulates blood pressure, promotes healthy skin, helps regulate our sleep and interacts with over 2000 genes. It’s also a disinfectant and antiseptic.  Vitamin D increases calcium absorption and phosphorus in the intestinal tract, and regulates calcification and mineralization of the bones. I know, you forgot to take your vitamin D this morning.

Vitamin D is protective against the stimulating effects of estrogen. It not only has anticancer effects but it also inhibits the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors, a process called angiogenesis. I can personally attest to this.  Several and very visible blood vessels have appeared over the years to nourish the little bugger blessing. Optimal levels have also been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Start optimizing ladies!



Muscle weakness, muscle cramps, nearsightedness, pain in ribs, spine and legs, dental cavities, nervousness, psoriasis, depression and insomnia are just some of the symptoms. The best way to find out is to get tested. Ask your doctor about a blood test.  Once you receive your results, you’ll be able to start supplementing with an appropriate dose to optimize YOUR levels. You can live in California or Spain and STILL be deficient. So even if you live in a sunny climate, get tested.



UV light converts the cholesterol on your skin into a chemical reaction that occurs in your liver and kidneys and then gets turned into vitamin D. The sun has been demonized for so long, but we’re starting to understand just how beneficial the suns rays can be. Start slow, build your tolerance and tan gradually and enjoy the use of sun harmonizing botanicals like seabuckthorn berry, coconut oil, sandalwood and frankincense.

Vitamin D can be found in cod liver oil, wild caught fatty fish like salmon, eel, grass fed butter, raw milk, goat’s milk, egg yolks, liver, mushrooms that have been exposed to sunlight and dark leafy greens. To reach adequate levels of vitamin D, it’s best to supplement with a high quality supplement. Don’t supplement blindly. As mentioned earlier, get tested. Vitamin D toxicity does exist.

Your body needs bile to digest the fat-soluble vitamins. It’s a fluid produced by the liver to help break down and digest fats. When you don’t have enough bile, you won’t be able to absorb vitamin D. Another example of how interwoven all your body functions are.

Vitamin D is stored in the liver, skin, brain, spleen and bones preventing deficiency in the winter months. D3 supplements are generally animal sourced (lanolin/sheep’s wool) but vegans can find plant based D3 from lichen.

Vitamins work synergistically together. They’re all about that team-work! Vitamin D is best utilized with vitamin F (essential fatty acids) A and especially K2.



Lack of sleep, high stress levels, sunscreen use, not enough sun exposure, seasons, weather, living in high latitudes and poor organ function will affect the body’s production of the sunshine vitamin. As we age our skin also loses its ability to produce D3.



  • Get tested!
  • Supplement wisely,  don’t forget the healthy fats and K2
  • Don’t be afraid of the sun



Sunglasses block out important rays that are crucial for our biological functions.

*Listen to podcasts #1 & 2 for more info.



An ancient practice of gradually introducing the sun into our eyes. This stimulates the pineal gland, which is connected to the hypothalamus, where the body receives beneficial stimulation such as increased melatonin and serotonin, improved sleep quality, increased energy, improved eyesight and endocrine health.

*Listen to podcasts #1 & 2 to find out how to start your own sun gazing practice. They will knock your socks and sunglasses off!




Of course there’s an app! D Minder helps track your levels of vitamin D.



1. Renegade Beauty  is an absolute must for every woman’s bookshelf and you’ll see it recommended throughout this site.

2. The holy grail of women’s health books. Everyone should read Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom.



  1. Get an in-depth review of vitamin D deficiency symptoms with Dr. Axe.
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  1. Learn why vitamin D3 is better than D2 with Dr. Michael Gregor from  This website will answer just about any health questions you might have. (4:43)
  2. Learn how to harmonize your time in the sun without the use of toxic sunscreens with Nadine Artemis from Living Libations.  Love her videos! (2:56)



All are a MUST listen.

 1. The Lifestylist Podcast #006 – The Great Sunshine Swindle with Nadine Artemis.

If you haven’t heard of The Lifestylist Podcast, let me introduce you. Luke Storey interviews Nadine Artemis (yes, her again). They discuss sun exposure, fear, cancer, vitamin D, sun spots, toxic sunscreens, breast health and so much more. 

2. The Lifestylist Podcast #003 – Surviving the City with Spiritual Science with Dr. Jack Kruse.

Learn about the frequency of light & connection to nature, sunglasses, UV rays, light spectrum and the myth on sun exposure. 

3.  The Lifestylist Podcast # 74 – The End of Cancer. A hidden cure with Dr. Mark Sircus.

Learn about sun exposure, sungazing, vitamin D, and false risk of cancer

4. Rewild Yourself Podcast #52 – Wise Interaction with the Sun – Nadine Artemis #52

Discover why you shouldn’t suntan through glass, how sunscreen works, sunlight and bacteria, why you don’t want empty vitamin D receptors, negative press surrounding sun exposure and skin, and so much more.



Thorne Liquid Vitamind D3/K2  Trying this once my current vitamin D3 supplement runs out.



Everybody Loves The Sunshine With Zinc. A personal favorite. 





  1. Renegade Beauty – Nadine Artemis
  2. Staying Healthy with Nutrition – Elson M. Haas
  3. Grass Roots Health
  4. Dr.Berg 
  5. Dr, Jack Kruse
  6. Dr. Mercola 

Vitamin D3 And The Importance Of Optimal Levels For Women

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