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July 24, 2019

Tools to heal scars and how they block important energy flow


   Photo: Annie Spratt

Scars, we all have them. Some more significant than others. As much as they can be a beautiful marker of our journeys, there are times when we simply don’t like what they remind us of, would like to help speed up the healing process or as I’ve recently learned can lead to further imbalances.

Anytime the body is cut open, it’s not only traumatic for the body but it also opens up the person to the energy of the surgeon. If you’re undergoing any surgery, not just breast related, make sure you like and feel comfortable with your surgeon and you feel they will treat your body with care and respect.  I walked away from one of the top surgeons mostly due to her poor bed side manners. I wasn’t going to physically open myself up to someone who I felt wouldn’t treat me with respect and compassion. Work with someone you trust. I greatly believe this will impact your recovery time.

Scars vary in their severity. Some are reminiscent of a few stitches and are visible while others are much deeper and can block the energy flow along the meridians in our bodies. Scar tissue which consists of fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue can also start to grow leading to pain and discomfort.  General energy stagnation starts to develop and can lead to other imbalances.  There is a process called reverse polarity where these scars affect the direction of energy flow within the body. Energy can start to backup or be redirected down a different meridians where it’s not supposed to be. This can then lead to a problem nowhere near the scar.

Scars also energetically hold the memory of the trauma and strong emotions associated. I believe this to be especially true with any type of breast surgery.

Here is Dr. Habib Sadeghi’s experience with women who’ve had breast surgery and the heart issues that subsequently developed afterwards:

“I see many women who’ve had breast surgery, either for augmentation, reduction, or a mastectomy who later experience an inexplicable erratic heartbeat or arrhythmia. With absolutely no history of heart problems, some of them have been taking medication to stabilize their heartbeat for years. Anyone with a working knowledge of the how the body meridians function would be able to recognize that the energetic turbulence generated by the scarring near the breast is radiating in the direction of the heart and interfering with its rhythm.”  Dr. Habib Sadeghi

This has been my exact experience. I’ve had an irregular heartbeat for over a decade which,  looking back started to happen a few years after (if I’m remembering this correctly) my surgery to remove my fibroadenoma.  I always thought this was hereditary and or due to a magnesium deficiency. Now I don’t know for sure the root cause, but this resonates with me so deeply and I’m sure my tumor and scar are blocking vital energy flow which is being redirected to my heart, causing an arrhythmia from time to time.


Tools To Heal and Break Down Scars


Here are some tools to help heal, break down scar tissue and regain that vital energy flow.

  • Essential oils: frankincense, rose, lavender, sandalwood, myrrh and immortelle.
  • Castor Oil: stimulates the lymphatic,  reduces inflammation, dissolves  scar tissue, pulls out toxins
  • Calendula oil: promotes blood flow and helps tissue regenerate.
  • Helichrysm (Immortelle): known for healing  scars and stimulating new skin cell growth, great for post surgical wounds.

” Helichrysum essential oil is extrememly useful afer surgery for the reduction of hematomas, improving healing, preventing keloid scars, reducing lymphatic edemas following cleaning or dissecting of lymph nodes and preventing fibrous bands following abdominal surgery.” Renegade Beauty

  • Gua Sha:  helps to break down scar tissue.
  • Massage: also helps to break down scar tissue.


Adding an intention as you apply the oils, gua sha or massage the area will also help speed up the healing process and regain energy flow.

” My scar heals quickly and energy flow is regained in my breasts (or whichever body part has the scar.)”


Fun Fact from TCM

“The source of energy is the earth. It enters the body through the bottom of the left foot, travels along each meridian and returns to the earth by exiting through the bottom of the right foot.” Dr. Sadeghi



This is filled with all  the essential oils listed above. A true powerhouse!




Tools to heal scars and how they block important energy flow

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