Seven years ago I embarked on my healing journey. I had 12 fibroadenomas and at it’s largest, a 9.8 cm benign phyllodes tumor which I was determined to heal holistically. Over these past several years I have learned so many great things and discovered so many great tools that have helped me heal (everything is shrinking and as of my last ultrasound last year, my tumor is now at 7.5cm) and I would like to share them with you.  I’m still very much in this journey (I don’t think it ever really ends) and the following tools are what I continue to use and have supported me. This is an area of women’s health that is greatly underserved and that no one seems to talk about. Very little holistic information is available which is incredibly frustrating and discouraging.

Whether you’re dealing with breast imbalances or are simply curious about holistic breast health, the following course is filled with information, tools, tips, resources and so much more. I wanted to create what I needed when I first started. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, healing goes far beyond food and supplements. It’s about establishing homeostasis on the physical, spiritual and emotional realm. This online workshop will provide with many tools to guide you in your journey for healing and wellbeing.


Who This Is For

  • Women who are struggling with breast imbalances such as fibroadenomas, cysts, lumps, tumors, pain and tenderness, cancer, etc. and want to heal with a holistic approach.
  • Women who are interested in holistic breast health.
  • Women who are interested in nurturing themselves on a deeper level.
  • Health care practitioners who would like to deepen their knowledge of holistic breast health.
  • Anyone who would like to support a loved one that’s struggling with breast health imbalances and understand their journey.
  • Anyone curious and passionate about women’s health.


What’s Inside

Over 16 different modules. The following tools and information are what I have and continue to use on my journey for wholeness. As I continue to learn and evolve so will this course.

        • Anatomy • Breast
        • Believe • In your ability to Heal
        • Body • Lymphatic, Liver, Thyroid, Oral
        • Conscious Breast Exploration • Breast massage + Self discovery
        • Diagnostic Tools • Ultrasound, Mammogram, Thermograms, Surgery, Biopsy
        • Energetics • Breast Health + Imbalances
        • Essential Oils • Concentrated Plant Energy
        • Herbs • Nature’s Medicine
        • Hormones • Estrogen + Progesterone
        • Imbalances • Fibroadenomas, cysts, lumps, tumors, cancer
        • Lifestyle • Bras, Skin, Oral + Hair Care, Cleaning Products
        • Move •  Exercise
        • Nutrients + Supplements • Vitamins, Minerals, Oils
        • Nutrition •  Whole Organic Food
        • Sleep • Rest
        • Coming Soon • Breast Masks, Recipes, Mushrooms, Stress, Genetics, Immunity


        • Lifetime access
        • Access to exclusive to Nurture FB group. A safe space to fully express our worries, concerns, ask any questions, share tips and support one another.
        • Exclusive Resources.  Tools to provide further support: Podcasts, blogs, books,  breast balms and oils, herbal products, supplements and many more recommendations.



All sales final. No refunds available.
The information provided in this workshop is not a substitute for a doctor nor is it intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.

Online Workshop

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