Custom Holistic Breast Mask

Custom Holistic Breast Mask Formula

Deepening the connection to yourself.


This is for women looking for holistic breast health and to nurture themselves. If you’re dealing with breast health imbalances such as fibroadenomas, cysts, breast pain, benign tumors, etc.,  this is a wonderful tool to add to your self care rituals.

Breast masks are a beautiful way for you to create ceremony around honouring yourself.  Breast health imbalances often represent the refusal to nourish ourselves, whether it’s physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is a woman’s tendency to give and look after others while neglecting her own needs. This custom formulation will support deep nurturance and healing.

This Custom Breast Mask Formula is tailored to your specific emotional and physical needs based on a questionnaire you’ll answer. You’ll be asked about any current imbalances, your breast health goals, you current relationship with your breasts and much more.


Your Custom Breast Mask Formula Includes


  • A tailored recipe*
    • Ingredients recommended will be based on a combination of oils, mushrooms, seaweeds, herbs, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, etc.
  • An explanation of each ingredient and how it will support your individual breast health.
  • An intention to repeat as you apply and enjoy the mask.
  • You’ll receive a personalized PDF that can be printed or downloaded.
*This is not the actual mask itself but a customized recipe that you can prepare at your leisure.

“After getting the US results back I really went back to working with the heart chakra–which, my custom mask feels SO aligned with the heart chakra down to the chlorella, green clay and rose water–green and pink are colors for the heart chakra–and nourishing and nurturing myself in deep ways-which of course included the ritual of breast masks.  So much awareness has come through during the time I’ve spent with the custom mask. So many opportunities for going deep within myself to access and listen to my intuition and discernment–boundaries! The issue I was experiencing with my breast that lead me to request the US has NOT been an issue for the past 6weeks. I’m so grateful! The ritual of nourishing and nurturing myself with the ritual of masking has also given me so much space for healing so many layers-beyond my breast.  Taking time and energy and creating the space for this sacred self care ritual has not only been healing for my breast…it’s been physically healing, mentally and spiritually as well. I’m so grateful.” Ronda

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Holistic Breast Mask

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