November 2019 • Vancouver 


  • Neighbourhood Shop -4301 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
  • Nov 27th, 2019 – 18:00-1930 pm
  • Exchange: $55


Breast health is a delicate balance of nurturing ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. As I heal 12 fibroadenomas and 1 large benign tumor naturally (yes, it can be done) I’ve discovered that breast health is so much more than food and self exams.

The breasts hold a particular type of energy – that of nurturance. In this workshop you will learn some beautiful  and simple rituals to nurture yourself and to care for your breasts in a holistic manner. 

  • You will create your own breast mask made from organic oils, herbs, seaweeds, and essential oils. 
  • You will discover some beautiful herbal infusion recipes 
  • Discover how Gua Sha can be added to your breast self care rituals
  • Discover some beautiful healing breast massage oils and balms
  • We will discuss:
    • The energetics of breast health 
    • The importance of your beliefs, intentions and self talk in creating health
    • Which nutrients, herbs, + supplements support and heal different breast imbalances (cyclical breast pain and tenderness, fibroadenomas, cysts, etc…) and create health
    • The importance of liver health and how it’s connected to your breasts. 
    • The impact of skincare and deodorants
  • Q+A


What’s included

  • Breast mask materials
  • A warm herbal infusion will be served, possible snack


  • If you have a favorite ceramic dish and spoon to mix your breast mask, please bring it as well as a container to take it home . 
  • Do you have a gua sha tool? Please bring it.
Limited Space Available

All Sales Final. No Refunds Available

Photo: Jordan Paynee @jordanpaynee
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