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February 13th, 2020

The Process with Daron Hope founder of EarthTonics’ Healthy Breast Tonic

Return to Yourself


Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a skin care product, a breast oil no less? Meet Daron Hope, founder and formulator of EarthTonics. As a holistic aesthetician and alchemist, EarthTonics was created with a deep reverence for the highest quality ingredients to help women return to themselves. There’s truly no better feeling than when we’re blessing our bodies with medicinal oils and herbs.  Learn why Daron created the Healthy Breast Tonic, why she chose the ingredients she uses, her process, her breast care rituals and how she nurtures herself. 


Very few skin care brands create breast oils/balms. Why did you decide to create your Healthy Breast Tonic?

I believe paradigms are shifting, and women are waking up to their feminine power. People in general are beginning to return to a holistic approach to their health and wellness, where no part of the body is shameful or ignored. My Healthy Breast Tonic is a way of saying “Hey sisters! Your breasts are precious! They deserve your love and attention!” Our breasts do so much for us throughout our lives.

Aside from the obvious miracle of breastfeeding children, if we have them, the breasts contain an abundance of lymph nodes that help transport pathogens and toxins out of our system. With all the pollutants we’re exposed to, and the occurrence of breast cancer, it is vital that we stay in touch— literally— with this part of our body on a regular basis, to aid in lymph drainage and attune ourselves to signs of anything out of the ordinary. And truly, breasts are also incredibly sensitive.

In my opinion and experience, they home a special kind of feminine wisdom and power that we can tap into by massaging them regularly and lovingly, activating our energy flow.



Our breasts do so much for us throughout our lives.



You use some truly wonderful ingredients that very few brands use such as Poke Root. Why did you choose the ingredients that you used? 

I designed this formula for regular use (I recommend breast massage as a ritual once or twice weekly), but also wanted my clients to be able to use it as often as daily in acute situations where their breast health is needing extra support. Poke root is a potent herb, researched for it’s ability to dissolve congestion and tumors. For those with cystic breasts or any lumps, this could be helpful.

The other ingredients are nutrient-rich tonic herbs like frankincense and myrrh, blended into exquisite organic, cold-pressed oils to support elasticity and herbal penetration— baobab, pomegranate, castor and olive. Like all my products, I wanted this formula to be luxurious and deeply hydrating, as well as highly therapeutic.



What went in to creating your Healthy Breast Tonic? What was this process like?

When creating a new formula, I spend a lot of time using each ingredient individually, to deepen my connection with the plant and it’s effects. There was also quite a bit of research around the safety of each ingredients for regular use, since, as I mentioned, that area is full of tissue and lymph that would absorb these ingredients quite deeply.

The finishing touches were the most fun part, because I wanted this formula to illicit a deep connection to our pleasure and sensuality. I decided to bring in the elements of raw cacao and high-vibrational rose to inspire a romantic quality, that women can tap into independently or with a partner.



What are your breast care rituals?

I love to oil my whole body with my Grapefruit and Rose Body Nectar, massaging it lovingly, before using the Healthy Breast Tonic. Standing or laying in bed, I massage the formula into my breasts, across my chest and into my underarms. Lymph generally moves from the nipple toward the armpit, so I always finish with light, feathery strokes in that direction with my hands or my favorite gua sha tool. Gua sha in combination with our Healthy Breast Tonics is pure bliss.


How do you celebrate and nurture yourself?

Recently I’ve recognized on a deeper level how incredibly lucky I am to have a body. It sounds pretty basic, but in the past I’ve taken this for granted. I wouldn’t tune in to myself, I wasn’t breathing deeply or moving throughout my day, and I often used work as an excuse to not be aware of what my body was trying to tell me.

Recently I lost a dear friend, who was young, healthy and vibrant. Through the grief I have found deep gratitude for the privilege of living in a healthy body. I have a newfound dedication to living as a vessel of love, and enjoying the sensuality and pleasure of being embodied— dance, exercise, massage, orgasm, nourishing food, deep breaths, the sun on my skin…these are all gifts I commit to never taking for granted.





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The Process with Daron Hope founder of EarthTonics

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