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Wednesday June 26, 2019

Herbal Series

Red Clover • Trifolium Pratense

The Herb Of Immortality



Trifolium ( three leaves) pratense (grown in meadows)

I’m truly amazed at how many herbs there are that support breast health. When I first started this journey, I had very little information and it seemed like no one knew anything. Well after 6 years of digging and researching, I’m discovering all sorts of tools and one of them is red clover. You probably have this herb growing in your backyard or have walked past it many times.

In terms of it’s benefits for cancer, J. Hartwell author of Plants Used Against Cancer, has confirmed hundreds of cases of remission of cancer with the consistent use of red clover. Susun Weed also confirms that she personally knows of several such cases. Now, if you google breast cancer and red clover you’ll see that many cancer agencies and doctors do not recommend red clover if you have any kind of estrogen sensitive cancers or issues like endometriosis for fear that it may worsen these conditions, due to their phytoestrogen compounds.

Red clover has phytoestrogens (naturally occurring estrogens compounds found in plants) and when consumed it’s known to mimic estrogen. These are generally quite healing and supportive for hormonal health.  The intricacies of phytoestrogens can be very complex so if you’re dealing with serious issues, best to do some research before. On a more positive note, red clover also has lots of anti-cancer and growth dissolving compounds. So you have both the advocates and critics on opposite sides. As with everything, it’s important to do your research and do what’s best for you. Talk with different herbalists and ask them about their experience with red clover.  And if the placebo effect has taught us anything, is that what your body achieves what the mind (subconscious) believes. The intention with which you take red clover, or anything for that matter, will greatly influence your outcome.




  • Protects liver and lungs
  • Wonderful for skin health
  • High in antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Renowned for anti-cancer properties
  • Anti-fungal
  • Blood purifier
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Eases constipation
  • Relieves menopause symptoms
  • Increases appetite
  • Repairs damaged DNA

Breast Health

  • When used externally, it reduces and softens breast lumps, dissolves growths
  • When used internally it helps prevent breast cancer recurrence, dissolves growths
  • Reverses pre-cancers and in situ cancers
  • Turns off oncogenes (genes that has the ability to cause cancer.)


  • Charming, nourishing and restorative.

Spiritual Powers

  • Luck with money, love, protection and fidelity


  • Fresh blossoms can be eaten
  • Dried flower infusion
  • Homeopathic Trifolium is specific for breast cancer


Works well with dandelion, mints and echinacea. The important thing to remember is consistent use to see results.


Red Clover Tea

  • Dry some red clover flowers for a few days and voila, you have some red clover herbal tea.
  • You can also steep the flowers the night before and you’ll have an incredibly medicinal and powerful infusion ready for you the next day.
  • Susun Weeds recommends up to 1 litre a day.


Growth Shrinking Testimonial

Available in Nurture.

If you’re interested in learning more about herbs and how they benefit breast health, head over to Nurture, where you’ll discover 23 herbs and their breast health benefits.


Did You Know

Red clover belongs to the legume (beans and peas) family.















Red Clover • Trifolium Pratense

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