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April 24, 2019

Meraki No. 2 • Tools To Relieve Breast Pain and Tenderness

Supportive tools that works incredibly well.

Individual Consultations


We’ve all experienced sore and painful breasts just before our menstrual cycle. Sometimes it lasts only for a few days, sometimes weeks. And it can range from mildly sore to incredibly painful breasts, enough so to prevent us from carrying on daily activities such as exercise.  Now, if you’re experiencing breast pain that feels out of the ordinary, doesn’t seem to go away, gets worse and intuitively feels off, it’s incredibly important to have it checked out. Most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about but it’s important to be proactive about our health. This will helps fine tune what needs to be tuned; diet, exercise, stress and so on.

One of the first things to do when experiencing any kind of breast issue (pain, fibroadenomas, cancer, etc.) aside from having it checked out, is to put yourself at the top of the priority list. Do things for yourself for a while and no one else. Nurture and love yourself as you would a loved one. This imbalance is a cry for you to nurture and love yourself, deeply.  To be authentic in what your needs are.

Now, here are some tools that I’ve been using and have seen great results with when to comes to relieving breast tenderness around the menstrual cycle.  One of them is free, takes less than 30 seconds and works incredibly fast.

75% of the breast lymph is drained via lymph nodes under the arms. Be very mindful of the deodorants and antiperspirants you’re using, as well as skincare products. The chemicals accumulate in the very delicate breast tissue and can congest lymph nodes.


  1. Dandelion is a wonderful breast lymph detoxifier. The leaf is especially great for reducing breast tenderness and water retention can happen before a woman’s menstrual cycle. This tincture is great. 
  2. Rosemary is great for clearing that excess estrogen that builds up and causes inflammation and pain.
  3. Schizandra is your adaptogenic ally when it comes to reducing excess estrogen. It also has so many more benefits.
  4. This lymph breast massage  is a free and easy tool to help promote breast lymphatic drainage. The underarm pumping action they show works incredibly well and takes only seconds. I promise you’ll experience great and relieving results.
  5. This Rooted Earth Breast Massage Oil will provide much needed relief and healing and one of my favorite.


Meraki No. 2 • Tools to Relieve Breast Pain and Tenderness

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