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June 5, 2019

Heart Opening + Healing Breast Mask

A ritual to nourish, heal and release. 


Breasts are incredibly sensitive to our internal and environment, especially with matters of the heart. A woman’s emotional upsets are often held in her breasts. Hurt, pain, sadness, sorrow and  grief tend to remain in the fourth chakra region until they’ve been felt, expressed and released.  Releasing is usually the tricky part. Most of us have not been taught to express ourselves or to truly feel our pain. What isn’t felt and released is then repressed which leads to stagnation and eventually dis-ease.

Opening and healing the heart is not only important for our physical wellbeing but having a open heart helps us receive our manifestations and desires.  Keeping the heart closed may provide protection but denies us of the true connection and intimacy we as humans need for our existence.  The breasts as an organ are designed to give and when we close ourselves off we deny our bodies of their very purpose and block an important energy flow.

Pairing this mask with this infusion will signal to your body where to direct the medicine. In this case the chest area.  Placing medicine on a specific body part along with taking the medicine internally shows the body where the medicine is needed.

This mask if filled with ingredients that are created to heal, open and soothe the heart and breasts.


 Breast Mask Benefits

  • Heart opening and healing
  • Strengthens the heart physically and spiritually.
  • Nourishes breast tissue with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Helps clear the breast lymph.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Reduces worry, fear, sorrow and heartbreak.


Ingredient Benefits

  • Castor oil: clears and decongests the breast lymph. It’s also anti-inflammatory and can help reduce benign breast masses.
  • French Green Clay is rich in a wide array of minerals and has strong detoxifying properties. This swelling clay penetrates deeply into pores, drawing out impurities, and even puffiness caused by carrying excess water. Only use the clay once a week if doing the breast mask more than once a week.
  • Rose brings joy and feelings of love, is heart opening , reduces fear, melancholy and helps recovery from sadness and grief. It also soothes the skin and promotes cellular hydration.
  • Motherwort literally strengthens the heart and spiritually strengthens the heart. Particularly effective in helping to slow the heartbeat that is revved up due to stress. Anxiety makes the heart hard and when you use motherwort you experience a softening and opening of the heart.
  • Frankincense is anti-inflammatory, healing and detoxifying  for breast tissue.
  • Organic raw honey is antibacterial, full of antioxidants, a natural exfoliator and helps bring some sweetness into your heart.




Breast Mask Recipe


  • Castor oil  (1-2 tsbps)
  • French Green Clay  (1/2 tsp)
  • Rose powder (from dried petals) (1-3 tsps)
  • Motherwort powder (1-2 tsps)
  • Frankincense essential oil (1-2 drops)
  • Organic honey (1-2 tsps)


  • Depending on breast size you’ll need to adjust measurements accordingly.
  • Apply to breasts, chest area up to collarbone and underneath armpits.
  • Apply your favorite breast oil, balm or butter  afterwards and follow with a breast massage to clear toxins and stagnant energy.
*Place rose petals and motherwort into a coffee or spice grinder to create a powder.



“I now care and nourish myself with love and with joy.”

If you’re looking to deepen and heal the connection with yourself, a Custom Holistic Breast Mask Formula is a magical ritual that fosters wholeness and health.

Heart Opening + Healing Breast Mask

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