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March 7, 2018

Foot Baths ∙ A Relaxing And Health Supporting Ritual

Foot Baths - A Relaxing Ritual


Have you ever felt a cold coming on or simply wanted to relax? Enter foot bathing. A great way to promote circulation, relaxation and detoxification. The soles of our feet have the most amount of and largest pores in your body, which increases the surface area for absorption. Anyone else take off their socks to have a look?  And no, they’re not big enough to go hmm, yes I see. Your feet also contain zero sebaceous (oil secreting) glands and sebum (oil) essentially acts as a barrier which reduces absorption. With the lack of this barrier, our feet become incredible absorption portals. 

If you’re like me and don’t have a bathtub, the next best thing is a foot bath. Most of you probably have something big enough to dip both your feet in. I am currently using my largest IKEA mixing bowl. It’s a tight squeeze.

My feet are always cold and it’s nice to be able to indulge in this self care ritual a few times a week. It’s also an incredibly grounding practice for fellow vatas whose energy is scattered and have racing minds. It’s relaxing and depending on what you add to your water, can be detoxifying as well. Pair it with a good book, do your DI’s a la Free+Native or enjoy a cup of tea. Welcome to paradise city.

Pre Soak
You can up the ante and do a foot mask with some bentonite clay beforehand,  wait till it’s dry and then soak. This is a great detox practice. Sometimes I’ll oil the soles of my feet with some sesame or vata massage oil. This is also a great grounding and calming practice. I recommend using an oil that supports your ayurvedic dosha

Simply gather your ingredients, fill whatever you’re using with warm water (as hot as you can stand it) mix it all together and place wherever you’ll be soaking. I’m enjoying this ritual while sitting on my couch, so the bowl is placed on the floor on a towel to soak up the water that spills. Oh and it will.

Post Soak
Once you’re done soaking give your feet a massage. This helps with  detoxification, balances emotions, improves blood and lymph circulation.


Open those kitchen cupboards and experiment with what you have. Most people have baking soda, oats, sea salt and honey. You can get fancy, but you can also keep it pretty simple.


My current foot bathing ritual includes:


Zen ahhhhh…..

Food for thought

The world treats us the way we treat ourselves. The more we love, respect and take care of ourselves the more this will be mirrored back to us. The more I carve out time every day to look after myself with kundalini yoga, meditation, abhyanga, among many other rituals, the more my experiences out in the world have become more loving and magnetic.


Here are some other ingredients you can experiment with:

  • Baking soda: feet soother , removes bacteria and odors.
  • Flower Petals/Rose petals: anti anxiety, heart opening
  • Essential oils: whatever you have available that’s soothing and relaxing
  • Dr. Singha: This is great! Inexpensive and lasts a while. Great for detox.
  • Epsom Salts – helps boost your body’s magnesium stores, soothes joints and calms nerves
  • Charcoal powder: detoxifying
  • Sea Salt: great source of trace minerals
  • Herbs: Sage, chamomile, rosemary. 
  • Honey: moisturizing
  • Bentonite Clay: detoxifying
  • Ginger: warming and promotes circulation
  • Oats: relaxing, stress reducing

Foot Baths ∙ A Relaxing And Health Supporting Ritual

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