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July 31st, 2019

An Herbal Infusion to reduce cyclical breast pain and tenderness

Clear estrogen, move the lymph and reduce inflammation.

An herbal infusion to reduce breast pain and tenderness


We’ve  all experienced breast pain and tenderness at several points in our lives. It can range from mild to incredibly painful and uncomfortable. You’ve probably been told, not to worry it’s ‘normal’.  Now when it comes to breast pain, if it disappears around the menstrual cycle, it’s most likely nothing to worry about. But if doesn’t or you’re experiencing anything unusual, best to go see your health care practitioner.

Now as annoying and painful as breast pain and tenderness can be, no pain is ever ‘normal’ and it’s your body’s way of communicating with you. It’s telling you it’s out of balance. This an opportunity for you to examine several things: what you’ve been eating the last several weeks, your stress levels, how well you’ve been sleeping, if you’ve been exercising, etc.

Other things to look at are if you have any nutrient deficiencies and if your liver is congested.

Cyclical breast pain  occurs anywhere from 5-14 days premenstrually, during the luteal phase (2 weeks before your period begins).  Tenderness, swelling and pain are the most common symptoms. It’s usually experienced in both breasts and  the pain can be dull, achy, sore or heavy.

Breasts undergo the same cyclic changes as the uterus. During the luteal phase, it’s common for the breasts to retain fluid which increases pressure and inflammation in the breast tissue leading to tenderness.

And don’t underestimate the power of changing your diet. Cutting back on sugar, dairy and increasing your greens can have a tremendous effect. Up to 80% of women with cyclic breast pain are able to relieve their pain simply by changing their diet.

Other ways to reduce breast pain and tenderness are breast massage and using breast balms and oils that help reduce inflammation and move the lymph.

The following infusion focuses on liver support which will help to clear excess estrogen, move the lymph and reduce inflammation.


Infusion Benefits

  • Promotes lymph flow
  • Cleanses and decongests the liver helping clear out excess estrogen
  • Reduces breast pain and tenderness
  • Reduces excess circulating estrogen
  • Reduces inflammation


Ingredient Benefits

  • Dandelion: Wonderful for the prevention and treatment of various breast diseases and conditions; benign cysts, tumors of various kinds, cancer, fibroadenomas, lumps, sore breasts, inflammation, suppressed lactation, and swollen breast lymph glands. It’s a great breast lymph detoxifier and improves water retention associated with breast tenderness.
  • Milk Thistle  : When your liver is healthy and excreting hormones efficiently, there is little estrogen accumulation in breast tissue. It protects and detoxifies the liver helping it excrete hormones efficiently. A congested liver can often lead to an increase in excess estrogen by allowing hormones to circulate longer in the bloodstream.
  • Burdock: Is one of the most detoxifying herbs and wonderful for supporting liver health and healthy estrogen metabolism. It is a cooling herb and great for healing inflammation. It improves lymphatic flow and stimulates the immune system.


Infusion Recipe


Ingredients + Directions

  • 1 tsp dried Milk Thistle
  • 1 tsp dried Burdock
  • 1 tsp dried Dandelion root and/or leaves
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • Steep for 15 min or longer for a stronger medicinal infusion
  • Drink this infusion cold during the hotter summer months

An Herbal Infusion to reduce cyclical breast pain and tenderness

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